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member of spanish language site I have tried several methods of learning Spanish, including group courses, which I found difficult, firstly because fitting the classes into my busy time-table was not easy as I work. And secondly, because I didn't always feel I could ask the teacher to repeat something or explain further because the rest of the class didn't seem to need it.
I am not a complete beginner so for me being able to pick the lessons that i need to learn is great. I can look at them over and over again until I am sure i understand, as well as complete the exercises to check myself.
I have also re-visited lessons I have previously learnt to ensure I haven't forgotten.
The lessons are well thought out and presented and the website is easy to navigate.
Well done for producing this site. I am looking forward to improving my Spanish with it.
Wendy Morgan



Future Tense

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A Traveller in Spain.....continuation.....

Peter was only using his watch as an excuse. He really wanted to buy Maria a gift in the jewellers.

Dependienta: ¿En qué puedo servirle?
Peter: Bueno, busco un regalo para mi novia, unos pendientes quizás. Se los daré mañana durante la cena.
D: ¿Algo de oro, o plata?
P: Oro, creo que le gustará más si son de oro.
D: Tenemos estos pendientes ahora. Mañana recibiremos nuevos modelos.
P: Déjeme ver ésos pequeños. No le gustará algo demasiado grande o elaborado.
D: ¿Qué inicial quiere?
P: M – sí, creo que le quedarán bien. Me los llevo.
D: Muy bien. Los envolveré.

Peter has the earrings gift wrapped and goes back to the hostel.

to be continued…

USEFUL PHRASES - In the Future//En el Futuro
Servir To serve Dentro de seis días In six days' time
Pendiente Earring La semana que viene Next week
Oro Gold El año que viene Next Year
Plata Silver Pasado mañana The day after tomorrow
Entrega Delivery Mañana por la mañana Tomorrow morning
Déjeme ver Let me see Mañana por la tarde Tomorrow afternoon
Pequeños Small ones Hasta junio Until June
Quedar bien To suit Más tarde Later
Me los llevo I'll take them Esta noche Tonight
Envolver To wrap Para viernes By Friday
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