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Before starting the course I had dabbled in trying to learn Spanish, unfortunately because they were in group classes for beginners, but it seemed I was the only "real" beginner, it left me feeling a little deflated. The class moved at too quick a pace and I couldn´t keep up and the teacher had no time to go over things again.
I was so excited about learning with the Spanish Language Site, its different. I can learn at my own pace with very clear and concise lessons in my own home. I am now learning basic pronunciation and grammar and now can go out and practice without being embarrassed. The lessons are easy to follow and understand and you can go back over the lesson again and again until you grasp it. The tests are great for measuring your knowledge before moving on to the next one.
Overall the course is very well thought out and executed. Thank you so much for this wonderful site.
Rhoda Leckey. (Costa Blanca)

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A Traveller in Spain ......continuation.....

Esa tarde llega María de su trabajo, y quiere saber cómo estaba Peter después de su primer día en la escuela de idiomas.

Maria: ¿Cómo fue Peter?
Peter: Estupendo. Me divertí mucho, y los estudiantes también, creo. El dueño me ha dado el trabajo.
M: Muy bien. Me alegro mucho. ¡Vamos a celebrarlo!
P: Sí. Salgamos a cenar.
M: Buena idea. ¡Llama al restaurante y reserva una mesa!
P: De acuerdo. Di a tu madre que vamos a salir. Y ponte tu vestido nuevo. ¿A qué hora cenamos?
M: A las ocho. Bueno, me voy a duchar.

Peter llama al restaurante y reserva la mesa.


Useful Phrases - Baseball //Béisbol
Estupendo Fantastic Son dos partidos adelante They are two games ahead
Divertirse To enjoy oneself Tiene un promedio de bateo muy bueno He has an excellent batting average
Dueño Owner Tiró desviado sobre la base He overthrew the base
Alegrarse To be happy Los bases están llenas The bases are loaded
Celebrar To celebrate Es la parte baja de la novena entrada It´s the bottom half of the ninth inning
Salgamos Let´s go out Siempre se queda la curva He always hangs the curveball
Cifrar To write in code Tiene ojos de águila He has a good batting eye
Candonga Blarney, trick Es una gloria de la mañana He´s a fluke
Ponte Put on Ha golpeado un tetrabatazo He has hit a home'run
Ducharse To have a shower Golpeó la carrera ganadora He hit the winning run
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