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Some comments given.

Extremely clear and concise. Very well done. I've been trying to grasp this concept for awhile. This answers my questions.

Thank you. Gracias amigos! That was explored really clearly, I'm impressed.

La pronunciación del maestro me parece muy buena. Tiene un acento de España.

You're a great teacher!

Have to agree, you are a great teacher indeed. I was especially impressed at how to managed to master the pronunciation of Spanish (Iberian) Spanish to an almost native level.

I am a native speaker of Rioplatense Spanish, trained in phonetics, and I know it is possible to actually emulate the native pronunciation of a foreign language with study, practice and determination. I believe we devoted learners should help each other whenever we find room for improvement.

Gracias, tu leccion me ha ayudado mucho! some of the subjunctive clauses seem like a nightmare but that's been a great help, thanks Muy bien, gracias. 

Excellent! I will use this to practice my Spanish. I really like this, the teacher makes it interesting and at a pace thats easy enough to follow.

Good job. YAY - I get it!! finally!

Well done for producing this site. I am looking forward to improving my Spanish with it.


Reflexive Verbs

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Flash Cards & Matching Game - Learn the vocabulary and phrases below by doing these games

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A Traveller in Spain.....continuation.....

It’s Saturday evening and Peter is getting ready for his date at the cinema with Maria. He is booked on a train to Toledo on Monday morning, and now that he has met Maria he is regretting his decision to leave Madrid so soon. He finds that he has no hot water and goes to speak with the hotel’s receptionist.

Peter: Por favor, señora, tengo un problema.
Receptionist: Sí, señor, ¿cuál es?
P: Necesito ducharme y lavarme el pelo, pero no tengo agua caliente.
R: ¡Qué raro! Me ducho cada día y no he tenido ningún problema.
P: Salgo en veinte minutes, y no tengo mucho tiempo. Tengo que afeitarme también
R: No te preocupes. Te duchas y afeitas en una de nuestras habitaciones libres, y te arreglamos el problema con el agua esta misma noche.
P. Muchas gracias, cojo mis cosas.

Peter finishes getting ready, then catches a taxi for his date with Maria.

to be continued…

USEFUL PHRASES - Daily routine//Rutina diaria
¿Cuál es? What is it? ¿Cómo te llamas? What's your name?
Necesitar To need Me llamo Pablo My name is Pablo
Ducharse To have a shower ¿A qué hora os levantáis? What time do you get up?
Lavarse To wash Nos levantamos a las siete We get up at seven
Caliente Hot Siempre me ducho I always have a shower
Salir To go out Nunca me baño I never have a bath
Afeitarse To have a shave ¿A qué hora desayunas? What time do you have breakfast?
Preocuparse To worry Desayuno a las ocho I eat breakfast at eight
Arreglar To fix ¿Qué haces después? What do you do afterwards?
Coger To get, pick up Tomo el sol, y nado en la piscina I sunbathe and swim in the pool
    Y ¿a qué hora os acostáis? And what time do you go to bed?
    Nos acostamos a las once We go to bed at eleven
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