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member of spanish language site I have tried several methods of learning Spanish, including group courses, which I found difficult, firstly because fitting the classes into my busy time-table was not easy as I work. And secondly, because I didn't always feel I could ask the teacher to repeat something or explain further because the rest of the class didn't seem to need it.
I am not a complete beginner so for me being able to pick the lessons that i need to learn is great. I can look at them over and over again until I am sure i understand, as well as complete the exercises to check myself.
I have also re-visited lessons I have previously learnt to ensure I haven't forgotten.
The lessons are well thought out and presented and the website is easy to navigate.
Well done for producing this site. I am looking forward to improving my Spanish with it.
Wendy Morgan


Introduction Phrases

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Say Hello!

In this first lesson learn a few phrases to introduce yourself to someone.
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Exercise - interactive exercise

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A Traveller in Spain


Peter, a young man from London decides to take a sabbatical after recently completing his university course and goes to Spain to improve his basic Spanish. He arrives in Madrid via the Eurostar train - London to Paris, then takes an overnight train from Paris to Madrid on the trainhotel 'Francisco de Goya.

He has slept well and is eager to see the sights of this vibrant city. He stops off at a local cafe and meets another young man sitting at the table alongside him. He decides to try out his language skills in a basic conversation.

Peter: Buenos días
José: Buenos dias, ¿como estás?
P: Muy bien gracias, ¿y tú?
J: Muy bien. ¿Cómo te llamas?
P: Me llamo Peter. ¿Y tú?
J: Me llamo José
P: Dónde vives?
J: Vivo aquí en Madrid. ¿De dónde eres?
P: Soy de Inglaterra
J: ¿De qué parte?
P: Soy de Londres.
J: ¿Dónde te alojas?
P: No sé en este momento. Conoces algún hostal bastante barato?
J: Sí, hay un hostal bastante cerca de aquí. Es barato y la dueña es muy simpática. Te escribo la dirección?
P: Sí, muchas gracias.
J: Bueno, encantado de conocerte.
P: Igualmente, adiós
J: Adiós.

Peter finishes his drink and goes in search of the hostel that José had recommended.

to be continued..........

USEFUL PHRASES - Getting Started
¿Dónde te alojas? Where are you staying? Yes
No sé I don't know No No
Conocer To know, be familiar with Por favor Please
Bastante Quite Gracias Thank you
Cerca Near Vale OK
Aquí Here Perdón Excuse me
Dueña Owner No entiendo I don't understand
Simpática Lovely Lo siento I'm sorry
Dirección Address Hola Hello
Encantado de conocerte Nice to meet you Buenos días Good morning
Igualmente Likewise Buenas tardes Good afternoon
    Adiós Goodbye
    Encantado Nice to meet you
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