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Spanish language course with video and podcast lessons

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Learn Spanish Online with Virtual Teachers using Videos and Podcasts!

Thank you for trying our mini-course. Below are some sample video lessons from the two courses we offer.

The video lessons are ideal for those who have a broadband connection. You will need adobe flash installed to view them. which you can download for free from:

Adobe button

Along with the sample videos and their accompanying exercises, games and podcasts, we have also included a few samples of the pop-up spanish speaker videos.

As a subscriber, you will also have access to downloadable materials.

Please feel free to visit and join our SLS Spanish Club where you will get help and advice and meet other members with an interest in learning Spanish and discussing all aspects of Spain.

Beginners to Intermediate.

1. (lesson 1) Some useful phrases to get you started

2. (lesson 2) Pronunciation - How to pronounce Spanish vowels & words

3. (lesson 15) Reflexive verbs - How to say I wash, I shower, I shave etc.

4. (lesson 43) Future tense - How to start using the future tense

Intermediate to Advance

1. (lesson 4) Subjunctive tense

2. (lesson 10) Subjunctive past tense

3. (lesson 28) Impersonal se

4. (lesson 29) Positive commands

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Spanish speakers video list
Video clips of various Spanish people talking, describing things, and asking the viewer to give a response to their questions. Pages include the transcript of the video in English, Spanish or none at a click of a button.
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Beginners lesson list
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Intermediate/Advanced lesson list
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