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Links to Other Language Resources.

Speaking Hangman
Play an online game to practise your Spanish vocabulary
(requires Java)

Words Galore
Learn lots of new vocabulary by downloading and installing this free programme
9,000 spanish and english words with sound

Use this website to make some useful flash cards for learning - or use the card packs already theree

Practise reading Spanish articles using online newspapers and magazines:

  • Informacion nicely laid out newspaper for the province of Alicante, Costa Blanca
    El País Popular Spanish newspaper
    Magazine this online mag has itself a list of other Spanish magazines, so plenty to look through.

Learn by music - listen to these songs, music can help you to remember words and phrases. Click on the link to view the English translation if it helps.
The Spanish Language Website Directory - A directory of websites containing information on, or related to, the Spanish Language.

Spanish For Real Life “ - Spanish For Real Life” is a user friendly Spanish text & workbook aimed at the English speaking population. Simple grammar, vocabulary organized by topics, and bilingual conversational segments of daily use

Spanish - Spanish language guide, the right site to learn Spanish language.

Spanish Language School - Berlitz Language Institute in Singapore offers specialized courses in Arabic, Mandarin & Spanish languages. Learn languages quickly and successfully.

Medical Interpreter - Fast and 100% Accurate. CLI is the premier Medical Interpreter Company supporting businesses and individuals in over 175 languages.

Spanish in Madrid - Learn Spanish in Madrid, Spain with IH Madrid. professional teachers with extensive experience. Choose among various types of spanish courses or create your own program.

Professional Spanish to English, English to Spanish Translation. - International business consulting, translation, and interpreting firm.

Best way to learn a language - Learn a language right here with hundreds of free language-learning lessons, games, and activities. Join us and have some fun.

Learn to speak spanish - Learn Spanish with our FREE award-winning online Spanish Course (489 lessons) that will get you speaking fast - Guaranteed!

Pimsleur language - Learn a second or foreign language using the programs designed by Dr. Pimsleur. The Pimsleur method is a totally integrated language learning program.

Spanish Language Site Link Policy

Link exchange should be mutually beneficial to both parties. We have therefore established this link exchange policy to specify what kinds of Websites we will accept and our link quality requirement when you put our link on your site.

At SpanishLanguageSite.com , we are proud of our Website and constantly strive to improve the quality. Therefore, we are quite selective with respect to Websites we accept for our link exchange partnership. We constantly seek quality sites as reciprocal link exchange partners to benefit our visitors.

:: Link Partner Qualification We will only exchange links with websites that meet the following requirements:

  • The topic of your site must be related to the Spanish language and/or Spanish culture;
  • Your site must be live and not under construction;
  • Your site must be in the English language (or have an English version available);

::Link-Back Quality Requirement

  • You should use the link info/code(title, URL and description) we provide you;
    You should put a direct link to our site.
    We do not permit indirect linking under any circumstances;
    You should put our link on an unframed HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or SSI (Server Side Includes) formatted page.
    We do not permit framing of our pages under any circumstances;
    You should put our link on the page directly on your site.
    We do not permit our link on a third-party site/different domain under any circumstances;
    You should not use meta tags or robots.txt to prevent search engine indexing the page on which you put our link;
    The page on which you put our link must be reachable from the homepage of your site.
    We DO NOT accept the following Websites as link exchange partners under any circumstances:

  • Websites not related to the Spanish language and/or Spanish culture;
  • Websites not written in English; Websites punished by Google(Web site being removed entirely from the Google index);
  • Websites that have an automated Free-For-All links page;
  • Adult entertainment websites;
  • Hate or warez websites; Gambling websites;
  • Any website that we deem to be inappropriate for viewing by children;
  • Websites that are discriminatory or deceptive in nature or that espouse discriminatory or deceptive practices;
  • Websites that advertise or endorse highly questionable products or services, including those under scrutiny by consumer or law enforcement agencies;
  • Websites that knowingly attempt to download browser add-ons, pop-up generators or active spyware without explicit visitor consent;
  • Websites that knowingly attempt to download any computer security threat such as active spyware, viruses or worms;
  • Any non-themed website such as link farms and content-poor advertising sites, including sites whose primary content is third-party advertising;
  • Websites with undesirable behaviors such as excessive pop-ups, irritating graphics such as rapidly flashing banner ads, or browser hijacking.

Welcome to the Spanish Language links page. We accept partnership with websites that have similar and quality content. If you have a website related to Spanish language education that might benefit our visitors, then we invite you toexchange links in each others websites.

To link to our site please use the following text link:

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If your website meets our partnership qualification and link quality requirements, please submit your site for consideration.
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