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Before starting the course I had dabbled in trying to learn Spanish, unfortunately because they were in group classes for beginners, but it seemed I was the only "real" beginner, it left me feeling a little deflated. The class moved at too quick a pace and I couldn´t keep up and the teacher had no time to go over things again.
I was so excited about learning with the Spanish Language Site, its different. I can learn at my own pace with very clear and concise lessons in my own home. I am now learning basic pronunciation and grammar and now can go out and practice without being embarrassed. The lessons are easy to follow and understand and you can go back over the lesson again and again until you grasp it. The tests are great for measuring your knowledge before moving on to the next one.
Overall the course is very well thought out and executed. Thank you so much for this wonderful site.
Rhoda Leckey. (Costa Blanca)

Learn Spanish in Spain
ESL – Language studies abroad elected best agency in Europe !

Below is the list of useful phrase topics included in our course activities for you to learn :

The Alphabet
In the Cafe
At the Market
The Family
At the Post Office
In a Restaurant
In the Doctor's
In the Train Station
On the Road
In the Hotel
Shopping 1
Daily Routine
Shopping 11
At the Bus Station
At the Campsite
Directions 1
Describing People
Directions 11
In the Opticians
By Taxi
The Weather
Shopping for Clothes
In the Hairdressers
In the Hospital
In the Travel Agency
In the Town
On the Phone
The Internet
For the Disabled
For Parents
Writing Letters
Not just 'Yes' or 'No'
Playing Sports
Language Difficulties
Hiring a Car
Car Problems
Making Conversation
In the Future
Talking to Children
Cleaning the House
In the Post Office
First Aid 1
First Aid 11
In the Opticians
Alternative Therapies
With the Plumber
With the Decorator
In the Garden 1
In the Garden 11
In the Garden 111
Emergancy Services
Department Store
In the Farmacy 1
In the Farmacy 11
In the Florist
In the Kiosk
In School
The Campsite
In the Office
On the Roads
The Computer
In the Garage
On Board
American Football
Cinima and Theatre
Home Entertainment
The Orchestra
Outdoor Activities
On the Beach

Learn Spanish Online with Virtual Teachers using Videos and Podcasts!

  • Introductory phrases
  • Some pointers about pronunciation
  • Present Tense
  1. –AR verbs: singular persons
  2. –AR verbs: plural persons
  3. –ER verbs: singular persons
  4. –ER verbs: plural persons
  5. –IR verbs: singular persons
  6. –IR verbs: plural persons
  7. radical changing verbs (e-ie)
  8. radical changing verbs (o-ue)
  9. radical changing verbs (e-i)
  10. ‘ser’ & ‘ir’
  11. Reflexive
  12. ‘Ser’ & ‘Estar’
  • Preterite Tense
  1. Regular
  2. ‘Hacer’ group
  3. ‘Poder’ group
  4. ‘Ir’
  • Imperfect Tense
  1. Regulars
  2. Irregulars
  3. Usage v Preterite
  • Articles and plurals
  • Time of day
  • ‘Me gusta’
  • How adjectives work (use them to describe family)
  • ‘Me duele’ & ‘tengo un dolor de__________’
  •  Question words
  •  Negatives
  •  Verbs with the infinitive
  1. ‘Poder’, ‘Querer’ & ‘Me gusta’
  2. ‘Tener que’ & ‘Voy a’
  •  Possessives
  •  Comparatives
  •  Adverbs
  •  Prepositions
  •  Object Pronouns
  1. Direct
  2. Indirect
  3. Position
  4. ‘Leísmo’
  •  Confusions!!
    • ‘Saber’ v ‘Conocer’
    • ‘Preguntar’ v ‘Pedir’
    • ‘Por’ v ‘Para’
  • Subjunctive
  1. I - Introduction
  2. II - Present - Formation - Regulars
  3. III - Present - Formation - Irregulars
  4. IV - Present - Usage - (Doubt etc, Hope etc)
  5. V - Present - Usage - (Persuading, Emotion )
  6. VI - Present - Usage - (Imp. expressions, Antecedents
  7. VII - Present - Usage - (Neg. Commands, - ‘Cuando’)
  8. VIII - Present - Usage - Whatever & Perhaps
  9. IX - Past - Formation
  10. X - Past - Usage - general rules
  11. XI - Past - Usage - 2nd condition
  12. XII - Perfect - Formation & Usage
  13. XIII - Past perfect - Formation
  14. XIV- Past perfect - Usage - 3rd condition
  • Conditional Tense - Regulars & irregulars
  • Future & Conditional Perfect - Regulars & irregulars
  • Conditions I -
  1. I - 0 condition & 1st condition
  2. II - 2nd condition & 3rd condition
  • Possessives - Adjectives & Pronouns
  • Demonstratives - Adjectives & Pronouns
  • Prepositions I
  1. I - Simple
  2. II - Personal ‘a’
  3. III - Prepositions after Verbs
  4. IV - Para
  5. Por
  • Formal language (use of ‘Usted’)
  • The Passive Voice
  1. I - Ser & Estar + past participle
  2. II - ‘Se’
  • Commands
  1. I - Positive - Informal - Formal
  2. II - Negative - Informal - Formal
  •  Superlatives
  •  Reflexive Verbs
  • Relative Pronouns - Que, Quien, El cual etc, Lo que, Cuyo
  •  Subject Pronouns - Usage
  •  Progressive Tenses
  •  Past Perfect - Regulars & irregulars
  • Word order
  •  Negative expressions
  •  Exclamatory words
  •  Adverbs - Compound & Adverbial expressions

Spanish Video Lessons

Each Spanish video lesson is accompanied by a podcast which you can listen to whilst reading the transcript on the page. The podcasts are especially designed to reinforce the grammar lessons, and so help you progress rapidly by developing 'an ear' for the Spanish language. The podcasts include vocabulary, Spanish conversation excerpts from our story, 'A Traveller in Spain' and some useful phrases.

Our Spanish story, 'A Traveller in Spain'

On each video lesson page you will find a transcript from our story to read. This Spanish story has been specifically written to reinforce the accompanying grammar lesson and improve your understanding of written Spanish. As your level improves, (intermediate to advanced course) the story is written and spoken completely in Spanish. This story is also in a flip book format that subscribers can access and print out.


As well as the 88 video lessons and podcasts, (full course) we also offer our subscribers exercises to do on each grammar point, vocabulary exercises, PLUS Video clips of Spanish people talking. You will be able to choose whether to view the transcripts in Spanish or English or none on each pop-up video page depending on your level of understanding. 


To make memorizing the vocabulary and useful phrases written on each lesson page and spoken on our podcasts easier for our subscribers we also provide online games as described below.

  • Matching Game
    Match two like items by clicking one item and then clicking its corresponding match. If your match is correct, the two items will be turned over. If your match is incorrect, the two items will remain the same.
    You can decrease the size of the cards on which the items are displayed by clicking Size on the game board. Continue to click Size until the cards display in the size you like.
    Click Answers on the game board to display the answers to the current matching activity.
    Click New Game on the game board to display a new matching activity.
  • Flashcards
    Online flashcards are used to memorize definitions or terms.
    Click the flashcard that is displayed to flip it over and display what is on its other side.
    Click Other Side on Top to flip the entire deck of flashcards over and begin to display the flashcards on the opposite side.
    Click Remove Card to remove the current flashcard from the deck and display the next flashcard.
    Click Restart to replace all the flashcards in the deck and start over.
Java vs. Non-Java Flashcards
Java is a programming language that is needed to use the flashcards. If you do not have a Java-enabled browser, click non-Java to use standard HTML flashcards that can be used with any browser.

Dual language texts with audio from native Spanish people In our forums you will also find dual language texts to help you read and hear Spanish - each text has one or more audio readings attached so that you can listen to a variety of Spanish speakers (from Spain & Latin America) Find these in our SLS Club Forums

Subscribers to our course packages will also have access to the membership area where they will be able to download FREE Spanish language learning e-books to supplement their online learning, and a useful desktop translator. Click here to read about these complimentary offers to our members.

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